Deluxe Full Ceremony


Wedding Officiant authorized to legalize weddings (me!).

No limit on number of guests.

In-person, one-hour “wedding workshop” to collaborate and craft every detail of the ceremony.

Peace of mind knowing word-for-word what I’m going to say on the day.

Complete shared access to your ceremony script.

Continuous phone/email contact with me.

Writing your love story and telling it in your ceremony.

Your total control over the final draft with unlimited script revisions.

Complete rehearsal at a location of your choice at/near your wedding venue.

Arrival at your wedding at least 30 minutes early.

Fuel/travel to your ceremony within 30 miles of zip code 77388 ($2 per mile after 30 miles)

Signing and filing of your marriage license.

Performance and orchestration of your ceremony.

A ceremony experience that will wow you both and thrill your guests!

Cost: $450